September 24, 2022

Let whatever or whoever is dropping from your life, drop.

In life, things, people or lifestyle will choose to leave. Don’t try to force them to stay to keep your peace

Let whatever or whoever is dropping from your life, drop.

Once you start improving yourself in every aspect, you start doing plenty of new things, and meeting new people. Sooner rather than later you are too occupied with everything, so much so that when something demands more time you simply don't have any wiggle room left.

People will come and go

Some people might interact with you during the sliver of time that you can manage to take to go out. They'll be intrigued by your lifestyle and all the wealth of knowledge that you might have accrued on your journey. They will want to meet you again as soon as they could, but will be absolutely annoyed by the amount of time that you allocate to all of your activities, but hardly any time to socialise. People will come and go, don't try to make them stay. They will stay only if they find excitement and interesting moments from your presence, unless they commit to stay for the boring aspects of life don’t mind their absence. One of the clear ways to getting rid of the problem of not having enough time for socialisation is to merge social time and activity time. So, go ahead and invite them to be part of your awesome daily activities whether it is working out, your art session, photo walk, a golf game, or whatever that you do to make your life more fun for yourself. If they are ready to be a part of that life, they will step up, otherwise don't let people distract you from your routine.

Hobbies are like people

I picked up too many hobbies, and I was trying to juggle through every hobby every day. It was fun initially when I had to allocate a bit of time, but as some of those started demanding more time, it became a job to juggle through them and allocating time to each one. I couldn’t possibly give more than half an hour to guitar, then an hour to work out, an hour to cooking, and a couple of hours to golf in a single day without feeling burnt out. I would, in fact, end up resisting those activities eventually. Trying to optimise your time to its best is good for computers, not for humans. Whatever hobbies you have and are trying to focus on, some will eventually start demanding more time. Not because they require more time but because you see yourself exploring them more, don't set out to keep every hobby in your arsenal. Whatever is vanishing away, let it vanish. I’m clearly more focused on golf, and writing to do them and excel at them. I don’t really see them as career paths but another aspect of my life where I’m wonderful at or maybe not wonderful at, but my creative mind wants to spend a lot of time. Whereas when it comes to classical guitar, I’m satisfied with learning one or two pieces a year and eventually having a repertoire of the total number of years I’ve played.

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