May 24, 2020

Goals are useless, but...

Goals are useless, but...

Do you remember the time when you wanted to learn how to play a guitar, wanted to follow that fitness regime that you watched videos of on instagram or maybe wanted to get a job offer when you got laid off because of COVID-19? Oh wait! You don't have to remember that time. That time is the present. Anyway, ever wondered why you, the one who aspires such ambitious goals and has all the potential to achieve them is failing to do the same over and over again?

"I don't have time." I heard; to which I replied, "No! Everyone has time. You're poor at negotiating time with yourself or maybe you never even tried to negotiate your time and because of that you don't have a system in place."

Runners in a race

Do you know what's common among all the runners in the photo above or those who weren't even able to make it to the final list? Their "goal" to reach the finish line but the difference is the system that they had in place.

What do you mean by system?

System is a timetable for every day of the week just like the one that you used to get in school but this one is better in every way. It is better because you can allocate the time to enjoy, have the time allocated for productivity and whatever hobbies, personal projects that you wanted to accomplish. Think of them like multiple knobs on the gas burner and the system I talked about is the gas burner of your life and you're the one who controls it.

These are the tools we use everyday to do our creative work

Goals are useful

Goals help you to determine how much or how little you want to turn those knobs. Goals help you advance the negotiation with yourself for allocation of your time in a manner which eventually leads you to progress faster and lets you to surpass your goals. And no! Goals aren't the end all-be all.

Goals are useless, but with a system in-place they'll help you progress faster.

If you want to know how to build that system effectively and why goals aren't the end all-be all, then stay tuned for the next weekly blog post.

Stay safe!

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Stay healthy, Stay safe!

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